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The village of Strobl with a small zoo and a local heritage museum lies on the east bank of Lake Wolfgang.

In St. Gilgen on the west bank of Lake Wolfgang is the place of birth of W. A. Mozart's mother and also a local heritage museum.

St. Wolfgang is within eyesight. One can admire there the legendary White Horse Inn and the Michael Pacher Altar. A boat ride on Lake Wolfgang or with the steam engine up the Schafberg is also recommended.

The Salzkammergut lakes are a unique natural heritage. Their water quality, beauty and great number are incomparable. Visit Mondsee, Attersee, Hallstättersee, Fuschlsee, Traunsee and many more.

You can wonder at the famous Gmunden Ceramics Workshop in Gmunden and explore the Schlosshotel Orth on the Traunsee.

Bad Ischl offers a journey in time back to the flowering period of the Imperial Empire: Kaiservilla, Kaiserpark, Leharvilla and the court confectioner Zauner can all relate their stories.

Salt has always been the treasure of the Salzkammergut. In the salt mines at Hallstatt, Bad Dürnberg and Altaussee you can learn how the (nowadays common seasoning) was won from the depths of the mountains.

The World Cultural City of Salzburg is a must for every traveller. The fascinating old inner city with the imposing Hohen Salzburg Fortress and numerous churches, Hellbrunn with the palace park, aquatic games and zoo and the famous festivals are only a few of the numerous attractions of this truly wonderful city.

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